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Add Premium - Add URL - Modifying information

You can get your keywords placed on the top cells at the searches with a US$5 yearly fee ''with unlimited impacts or clicks of the refered URL'', which you can modify as much as you wish.
On top of that, each URL generates a HTML sheet that incorporates all the information of your URL, this way and with the ''page-rank'' it places itself on higher positions in other search options.
Is checked manually to maintain quality of the information, and is operational at the time of register

Supervised personally we ensure information's quality. Free registries can be placed on top positions as well.

Add Information + QR Code - Add Information - Modifying information

Since the begining Apali! allows to incorporate information free of charge to all persons, companies or entities that do not have web page. Easily you can provide the information that you consider timely, creating for this a web page, which if you want, can be added to the search engine with the words or search phrases annotated. In addition a QR code is generated automatically, so you can use it for example in: emergency, resumes, business cards.etc. Modifications and inclusion of images is carried out using the link provided at the end of the process..

Apali! offers you all the professional support to outline such page with a one single US$20 fee. Just send us an e-mail with your requirements and we will display them for you.


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